MannCave Distilling Inc.

Address: 851 Left Millstone Road • Weston, WV 26452
Hours: Saturday 9 am. to 7 pm
Phone: 681-533-1001



Our products are made from Artesian spring water that comes out of the back of currently 2 hand dug coal mines that had been buried since the 1940's. The mines were discovered under 9 feet of dirt, uncovered and emptied of water, they were found while attempting to put a spring box in to harness the water. Instead of just a spring box, a concrete structure, 15x30 and 12 feet tall was put up to protect the mines, and to protect the water from and mines from freezing and critters, and to capture the water. At the time, no one knew how to harness the water from these mines effectively, but Stephen figured out how to do it. Tours of the water source are not currently available but may be added in the future. The two current springs produce anywhere from 10gpm to 140gpm which is more water than the distillery can use as of now. The overflow/unused water from the spring flows past the distillery into the valley stream. The crystal clear flowing water comes out of the spring at 51 degrees and a PH of 6.8 which is perfect for use in distilling, the minerals in the water (to include floride and other minerals that generally need to be added to city water) is perfect for the yeast to flourish in the fermentation process. The water comes out of the mountain, near the top, flows by gravity into our holding and sediment tanks, from there, it flows further down the hill into the valley where the Distillery is located, for the water we use in the distillery, the state of the art water filtration system makes sure the water is perfect for use in the distillery. We are not aware of any other distillery in the world that uses water from a coal mine in their product, and the taste is unmatched.

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